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Increase your salary by learning how to negotiate. Salary negotiation can be one of the hardest parts of the job search. Many job candidates have little practice with this area because candidates are mostly concerned with getting the job. Doing extensive research on the average salary for your profession can be tedious. ResumeMaker eases this burden by offering a salary calculator built into.

Salary Information for Many Jobs

ResumeMaker has every financial tool you need to be prepared. When you sign up for membership, you will get current salary information about the jobs you apply for by title and area, so you know what range to aim for when you go into an interview.

Improved! Salary Calculator

This salary negotiation tool provides real-time salary data so you get a more precise salary range for your position. Get the information you need to negotiate your salary.

The improved salary calculator helps users negotiate a better salary.
The improved salary calculator helps users negotiate a better salary.

Cost of living Calculator

Learn more about the area of potential employers with a personalized cost of living report. Determine how much you will need to pay for expenses associated with the job.
Cost of Living Calculator
Discover all the other factors in your job search with the cost of living calculator.
Learn more about salary negotiation when you sign up for a premium subscription today!
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I just got offered a job from a company at a salary that's higher than I ever would've imagined...all because I was prepared to negotiate. I feel like I owe you more money now.”
— C. Moore, Accounts Payable Manager*

The Salary and Cost of Living Calculator is sharp. I knew exactly what to ask during the salary discussion which made me more confident going into the interview.”
— - Erica Fields, Mechanical Engineer, San Diego, California*

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