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You've written the perfect resume. Now create the perfect cover letter! Create up to 13 different types of letters with ResumeMakerWeb's new cover letter writing feature.

ResumeMakerWeb helps you write cover letters, follow-up letters, acceptance letters, resignation letters, and more! There are 1,000's of professionally-written phrases and sample letters to inspire you as you write the perfect cover letter to compliment your resume.

cover letter phrases
The Cover Letter Builder provides 1,000's of professionally written phrases.

Cover Letter Samples and Emails for Any Situation

It is important to include a tailored cover letter with every resume that you send out. Having a cover letter summarizing your strengths and job achievements will increase your chances of getting an interview with desired employers. Cover letters should highlight relevant skills and experience and give reasons why this combination can benefit employers. ResumeMaker provides sample cover letters and emails for any real world situation - before and after the interview!

ResumeMaker Makes Writing Cover letters Fast and Easy!

Our cover letter examples are written by certified resume writing professionals. Search our database for pre-written cover letters, follow up letters, resignation letters, and more. Simply add your information to each section and you will have a tailored cover letter in no time at all.

Types of Letters that ResumeMaker Provides

• Cover Letter
• Introduction Letter
• Networking Letter
• Follow Up Letter
• Changing Careers
• Fax Cover Sheet
• E-Mail Cover Letter
• Thank You Letter
• Recruiter/ Headhunter Letter
• Request Letter of Recommendation
• Response to Advertisement
• Relocation Letter
• Resignation Letter
• Accept Offer
...And many more examples are available when you sign up.

cover letter samples
ResumeMaker has created cover letter samples for every situation.
Simply add your information to the templates.
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ResumeMaker has great samples and features to help you put together a resume that looks like a professional writer created it! My resume is a true reflection of my accomplishments — amazing
— Sandra Colby, Retail Manager, Boston, Massachusetts*'s a blockbuster...resume-writing software...powerful and huge in size and scope, but gentle and friendly once you get to know it.
— The New York Times*

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*Quotes, awards, and reviews may refer to previous versions of ResumeMaker. This version of ResumeMaker was created using the same methods and technologies. Award-winning resumes from Career Director's Toast of the Resume Industry™ (TORI) resume writing competition.

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